illy Coffee & Bagels

Great illy coffee. Fancy hot tea.
American breakfast & sweets.
Bagels & Beans bagels.

Party, Drinks & Business

Tex-Mex & Cajun Menu.
Truck Service. Delivery. Buffet.
Mild or hot. Vegetarian or not. 

Yummy Festival Food

Tex-Mex & Spicy Cajun Style.
Fried Mac & Cheeseballs.
Tacos. Nachos. 

Food Truck season is HERE!

Say YES to the food truck!

★Company Events★ Weddings ★ Birthdays Parties ★ Drinks ★Festivals★

A new sheriff in town...

john square bw 296x295

De Sheriff

John Leijendekkers

Dutch dude. American dream.
Building a food truck & the plan.
25+ years in HORECA.
Financial Director to Sheriff.

Tammie square 298x297

Deputy Sheriff

Tammie Nolte

Texas rice farmer's daughter.
Building De Sheriff online
20+ years living in Holland.
Working as Big Fat Writer.