Meet De Sheriff

Building on experience

De Sheriff is John Leijendekkers and the food truck is his baby. John knows how to build a workable, sensible, profitable HORECA business plan. He has a background as a Financial Director for Librije, Karel V Hotel & Restaurant and Wings Hotel at Rotterdam Airport.

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Bullet proof plans

For 25+ years, John was writing plans and advising on how to put Dutch businesses in the plus. When John turned 50, he decided to make his own path. Start his own food truck. And, be his own damn boss. You can be sure that the plan is bullet proof.


Always comes back to Texas & Gumbo

In 2013, De Sheriff fell in love with an American girl. Then fell for the friendly Texan folks, the weather and the food in Southeast Texas. Maybe not in that order. 🙂 John tossed around ideas for food truck cuisine, but always landed back on Southeast Texas, Tex-Mex and Spicy Cajun food. Even John's dogs named Texas & Gumbo are part of De Sheriff Food Truck theme.

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