Who needs a taco bar?

Who doesn't need a Taco Bar.
We can run the De Sheriff Taco Bar serving from the food truck or deliver to your location. Ready-to-go-Tacos.

Mild, medium or hot. Vegetarian or not. The Taco Bar has something for everyone, even picky eaters, vegetarians, meat eaters, kids, grown ups, teens. Build-your-own crispy taco or soft wrap from 15+ ingredients.

Why Tex-Mex?
De Sheriff Food Truck has some roots and constant cravings for food from Southeast Texas. This area is known for starting Tex-Mex, a delicious Americanized version of Mexican food with a Texas influence.

SHERIFF CATERING 500x500 square

A food truck at your next party

Yes way, Jose!

We can set up the Taco Bar anywhere. Serve from the food truck. Deliver to work or home. Add Mexican Cerveza & Margaritas, too. 20-300 friends, colleagues, or rowdy kids. Bring it on, Amigos.

★Ready for Questions, Amigos.★

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